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Trouble Codes (DTC) Library OBD-II

Volvo OBD-II trouble code help.

We in the 850 family who have 1996 and 1997 model years have it easy. Check Engine light comes on? We just plug in our code readers and a magical system called OBD-II tells us what code(s) are causing the CE light. Same with 1998 model year Volvos, like S70, V70 and XC70 models. Then after that, codes expanded from the OBD-II to include Volvo-specific codes that OBD-II readers cannot retrieve, although many overlap in meaning.

Read Codes On A 1999+ Volvo?

Guess what? OBD-II readers will read the OBD-II codes these cars set. The OBD-II port is physically the same. I used my reader on my ex’s 2004 V70R — lower driver’s side interior, near your left knee — and it correctly reported OBD-II codes. Here is the specific 1999+ Volvo DTC code page for “the rest of the story”.

How To Read Codes

To start, the Ignition key must be in position II, engine not running. Open the hood. Locate the two diagnostic sockets just inboard of the washer fill cap. The “A” connector (shown above) has a jumper that is stored in the lid of the “A” diagnostic connector. The jumper is used for both diagnostic connectors.

What Codes You Can Get

Listed below is the information retrievable from the various connections.

  • A1 Transmission
  • B1 Climate Control
  • A2 Fuel System
  • B2 Cruise Control
  • A3 ABS
  • B5 SRS
  • A5 TCU (Transmission Control)
  • B6 Power Seat
  • A6 Ignition System

You Must Read All Codes Before Clearing

Turn the ignition off and then start the car, the check engine light should be out. It is always a good idea to check for codes, clear them and then drive the vehicle to see if they return before replacing parts. The transmission can ask the check engine light to be turned on, so if you try clearing A2 codes and they wont go away try reading the transmission (A1), clear them , and then go back to A2.

Trouble Codes (DTC) Library


charlena mauldin says:

This is my second 2006 Volvo v70 2.5t, I love this model car it’s my dream car. but I don’t love this one not as much as my first one, which insurance totaled out after a rear end collision, my first one never gave me any problems even with 278,000+ miles and well maintained but however we bought this used from Nationally advertised car dealer on May 2017 with over 140,000 less miles on odometer.
Now we ARE getting very frustrated. Because it keeps giving the SAME code, 170, on our code reader.
We have spent a lot of money in the last 6 months for multiple issues . As of recent we replaced the coils, mass air flow sensor, entire PCV system. Where as back in July we put in a new transmission, timing belt with an extender because of a pulling, shifting and dropping gears issue .
We just DON’T understand why it still has a low thudding with an occasional slight coughing sound and an occasional shuddering surging feel, after all this work was done. I will say after all the above was replaced it is driving much better, but still has some issues.
So any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Lee Swerge says:

Hi, I’m not a mechanical girl and I just a question on diagnostics. Does Freeze Frame Data always stay in the OBD or can a person erase it?

Ricky Bobby says:

Check your gas cap. Your engine light will reset(turn off) once the gas cap has been tightened and the EVAP system does a recheck of the system and sees that the leak has been fixed.

My 2008 xc90 engine light came on..then a message appeared stating ‘cap is loose or off’ Never said what cap…so I checked them all..which were ALL O.K. The message disappeared however the Engine Light is still on…..Also is does NOT show any Error Messages..Any ideas?

Akinyombo Durojaye Segun says:

my car volvo850,2005model,has a problem of timing belt and was change immediately,it does it start but it does not shock,it bring out light at the dash board please what can i do?

jaime magriña says:

I need help me porfavor with the pursuit of I diagnose of I cosay dtc. of vehiculo volvo thank you very much s60 2002 dtc p2097

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