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Correct thermostat temp for 95 850 N/A?

Let’s talk thermostat temp

Vadis calls the non-turbo out as a 90°. I really don’t think it much matters, the temp ratings are the point where the thermostat starts to open and the ultimate operating temperature is much higher than 90° or 92°.

“The ECT sensor was a BITCH to get out, I had to go buy a 19 mm spanner from autozone, I still don’t think I got it tight enough because the edge of the wrench rubs against the intake manifold but so far no leaks so I guess I did good. I guess that’s why it has a crush washer on it.

No codes or anything, temp came up nicely and looks to sit a bit lower, as I believe I had a 92C in there before but didn’t have it written on it.

Oh I also bought the new theromostat housing bolts from the dealer, $0.81 for both out the door, WORTH EVERY PENNY, they are made quite a bit stronger made out of a blackish metal. I also put antiseize on them.”

Correct thermostat temp for 95 850 N/A?

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