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Daytime Running Volvo Light Switch Settings

Daytime Running Volvo Light Switch

DRL – Volvo light switch settings.

With the Volvo light switch in position the daytime running lights (Daytime Running Lights – DRL) are activated automatically when the car is driven in daylight. A light sensor on the top of the instrument panel changes from daytime running lights to dipped beam at twilight or when daylight becomes too weak. Switching to dipped beam also takes place when the rear fog lamps are activated.

On cars with halogen headlamps the daytime running light lamps are switched off when main or dipped beam is activated.

On cars with active Xenon headlamps the daytime running light lamps are switched on with reduced brightness when main or dipped beam is activated.

MVS Forum Member pete nz asks:

Hi from New Zealand,
have recently purchased 1995 850glt with 150,000 miles .
Very impressed with car, has been looked after and seems almost like new.

Replaced coolant thermostat and fixed airbox thermo.
If the previous owner drove it now -after these simple fixes they may not have sold it
Also replaced bush on top of engine, easy once i got bits and pieces to make home made press.

Anyway this car was imported from the uk and always has the headlights on
i have put the little screw below the Volvo light switch into the 10 o’clock position. This only seems to turn the back lights off.
Having headlights on all the time in nz not such a good look, although not the end of the world. Gas so expensive here any extra load on alternator not good (joke)

Any advice much appreciated

MVS Forum Member Klausc replied:

Keep your eyes out for a 1995 in a scrap yard. The best way to get a new Volvo light switch.

The 1995 does not have any downloadable software, thank goodness.

The Volvo light switch in the USA is 3 positions, 11, 12, and 1 o’clock, see what happens at 1pm…


MVS Forum Member pete nz adds:

Tried all positions.
1 o’clock same as 12 o’clock on this model
11 o’clock only turns off back lights.

Guess i will look for a Volvo light switch at wrecker some time. Most models here will be for Australia / New Zealand market.


Daytime Running Light Switch Settings

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