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Drove one Today: V90 Cross Country T6, Inscription, Fully Loaded


Longtime Volvo Owner Tries the New V90 Cross Country

MVS Forums member vtl drives and likes a new V90 Cross Country. Here he posts what he likes and what he dislikes about it in a quick review: “This is a really nice car. Very tight steering, perfect suspension, a lot of space, beautiful in and out. T6 is powerful enough. Not a Corvette, but more than enough for a family car. Definitely faster than our other Volvos.

The only thing I decided not to order is Inscription trim – Volvo does not know what to do with Nappa leather – a new car with a lot of tears, looks horrible. Same problem with leather on dash.

T6 is powerful enough. Not a Corvette, but more than enough for a family car.

I sat in S90 with regular leather seats and regular plastic dashboard, looks and feel very good. I’d say, better than Inscription with all those imperfections.

Also not sure about B&W (audio), probably can pass by. I suspect that Volvo uses active noise cancelling via audio system, it is simply not ready to what I usually listen to.

All in all, I’m really glad Volvo made it. Wagon is back!”

Looking Back

“Yeah, had the same feeling about our then new XC60. But couple of rides to beach with kids – and the car is not shiny and crystal clean any more 😀 Looking at my 12 years old now XC70 I see that it ages pretty well, despite being used, uh, pragmatically 🙂 It is still looks almost as new when I detail is thoroughly. Volvo do last.”

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V90 Cross Country: Drove one today

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