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Accident, Insurance Wants to Total my 850

Let’s talk about Insurance


Insurance Company “Totals” a Volvo

Everything you ever wanted to know about what it means to “total” a car, what a salvage title means, and how to deal with insurance companies

Around here the insurance companies got the state to pass a law that FORCES them to “total” the car if the repair estimate exceeds 75% of book value. Estimates are just that, and body shops can “find” more stuff that has to be fixed that couldn’t be seen from the outside at the time of estimate after they already have half the work done and the insurance company is already on the hook. So, that law protects the insurance companies from that liability. Those of us who take excellent care of our old Volvos are the ones who get screwed in that case – sort of. It doesn’t have to be too bad. If it still drives you can just take a check from the insurance company and the state will issue a salvage title and you can spend that money however you want to whenever you want to. If you make a big enough stink about it with the insurance adjusters and demand to talk to their supervisors about how well you maintained the car and drag it out over several inefficient phone calls they w ill get tired of the case and give you $300 more than their “final” offer just to get you to shut up and go away. Don’t worry about them trying to keep the car. They don’t want it.

1995 850GLT: Front end Accident, they think its totalled WTH

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