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You Just Bought an XC90. Now What?



Bought a used XC90 and wondering what to do now?

Maybe you already own an XC90 and want to perform a stage 0 (a thorough tune-up to return a car to like-new performance) for better performance and efficiency.

MVS Forum user XVTer spent a good deal of time and money baselining his new (to him) 2004 XC90 T6. It’s a really interesting read, as this is one of the broadest Stage 0 tune-ups I’ve seen of the XC90 model. Here’s a quick clip from the post:

In fall 2010, my wife fell in love with a 2004 XC90 and we had to get it. It was a huge step up from the ’01 Civic she had at the time and, since I’ve always had good luck with Volvos, I saw no problem with it. It had a full dealer maintenance history and had around 85k miles.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do very much research on it to determine that the T6 is the least favored due to transmission problems. My wife likes the car enough, though, that I think it would be worth rebuilding the transmission when it comes time for it.

Since I do most of the work on my cars myself, I figured I would start a thread for this car listing some of the things I have done and lessons learned along the way (and future lessons). I will continue to update/edit these posts as I go along (and as I find more of the old pictures).

XVTer runs through all the replacement parts, liquids, and other equipment you need and describes the entire process step by step, so you’re never lost. Here’s the rundown on everything replaced:

  • Signature Synthetic 0W-30 Engine Oil (AMSOIL)
  • Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF (AMSOIL)
  • Synthetic Power Steering Fluid (AMSOIL)
  • Synthetic DOT4 Brake Fluid (AMSOIL)
  • Powerstop Rotors (Drilled/Slotted/Zinc Plated)
  • Brake Pads (Volvo)
  • Parking Brake Shoes (Volvo)
  • All-Weather Floor Mats (Volvo)
  • All-Weather Cargo Mat (Volvo)
  • Cargo Cover (Volvo)
  • Roof Cross-Bars (Thule)

Obviously cargo mats and cross-bars don’t apply to everyone, but this is a great start if you’re looking to clean up your engine, transmission, and interior to maximize performance and efficiency. If you’ve got an XC90 that could use a tune-up, consider this a step above the general tune-up!

XVTer’s 2004 XC90 T6 AWD


I own an XC90 and I have the No Oil pressure stop engine warning popping out. if I check on the engine oil level, there is enough oil. I also recently changed the oil pump. What could be causing his error and will i damage the engine if i continue running it?

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