Car & Driver Long Term Test: S60 T6 AWD

The venerable car magazine runs a 2012 Volvo S60 T6 AWD through their long term test machine… and they like it. So far. This from a magazine that ranked the same model last in a shootout just two months ago and IMHO has traditionally neglected Volvos.

They’ve had it almost a year and put 24k miles on it. Some notables, directly from the article:

  • Service: $0
  • Normal Wear: $0
  • Repair: $0
  • Damage and Destruction: $0

Not bad. I haven’t driven the new S60, but from their C&D piece, it looks like you might want to avoid lane departure warning and the other nanny options, and maybe the navigation. My 2004 V70 R‘s nav was rarely worth the time spent programming in the destination address. It was too tedious.

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  1. Received my 2013 S60 T6 AWD three weeks ago. I special ordered it in August to get the exact trim and options I wanted. The car is stylish, comfortable and fast.

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