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Project: Volvo Valve Clearance Adjustment Procedure

Fist Logo - valve clearanceRowan asks:

I’ve just finished doing the work of intake valve replacement.
And hand lapped the exhaust valves.

Reinstalled the head and all …
Have the engine running.

And it is obvious that i will need to adjust the valve clearances.

I am guessing that the upper cam cover/support has to come back off.
And measurements taken of what clearances there are – presently
between the 6 oclock base of the lobes and the bucket top.

Then measuring the buckets that exist presently …

And then ordering accordingly to get the right base clearance.
Can anyone point directly to a procedure that clearly points
all of this out – in a pdf somewhere?

Or is this strictly an ARGH effort – every step of the way.

An exhaust valve is clearly not seating.
The timing procedure is dead on.

I never gave it a thought that the lifters were not hydraulic.

Can anyone point to where to go?”


“Find two tappets the same size. Size is marked under the tappet.
Make a chart to record the clearance measured. Something like “I” on the left and “E” on the right and 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, ….. 6a, 6b down the left margin. TO measure you only need a really good feeler gauge set and you can hold the cam down with your hand. You have to use a light touch as with no hold-down fixture the cam will lift if you stuff the feeler gauge blades in.

The desired clearance is .20 +/-.03mm intake (.17-.23) and .40 +/- .03 mm exhaust (.37-.43).

Example: with two 16.10 tappets used you get .32 mm and .25mm measured for 1a and 1b intakes you will calculate proper shim by determining the diff between measured and desired. When the clearance is bigger than desired the shim gets bigger by the deviation and when smaller the shim gets thinner by the deviation as compared the shim used for measurements.”

Valve Clearance adjustment procedure

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