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Pre-2003 Volvo AWD Buyers Checklist

2003 volvo

What to look for when buying a pre 2003 volvo

The 2003 Volvo S60 is the automaker’s top-selling line. Engines on the 2003 volvo range from a 168 horsepower 2.4-liter inline 5-cylinder to a 247 horsepower 2.3-liter turbocharged inline 5-cylinder. This elegant four door Sedan offers seating for up to five passengers and a comprehensive list of standard equipment that includes dual zone auto climate control, cruise, keyless entry, full power accessories, navigation, heated lumbar seats, a leather-wrapped adjustable steering wheel, front/side-body/side-head airbags and ABS.

MVS Forum Member Spoleto asks:

I’ve an 01 before for a long road trip, it did great. Now i’m looking at a very nice one w/<72k miles@$12000, excellent interior condition, scheduling for my mechanic to view tomorrow evening. Carmx report is perfect, also nada report. I appreciate all the “how-to” forums, but sure would like to think I wouldn’t need/have to reflect back to any too soon after purchase.

give me your feedback 🙂

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

Should be able to do better on the price for the year and mileage. First year for the new style V/XC70. These do have the ETM issue but covered under the new Volvo 10 year/200K warranty, so you should be good there. Just make sure your mechanic checks out the viscous coupling/bevel gear and drive shaft/wear to the rear. Also have him check out the tire tread wear and if the spare tire has been used. If you run these cars with more than 3/32 inch difference for any length of time at all it will damage the AWD system. If the spare is used (different cicumference to the other tires) it will also mess things up (so why does Volvo insist on the donut tire????). These are the things I hear about most on the older XC’s. In ’03 the whole system was changed to the more robust Haldex system- a better AWD system.

If you buy the car, get an AAA membership and make sure your car can be put up on a truck and transported (not simply dragged to tow) if it breaks down. Either that or replace the donut with a real tire and rotate it in with the other 4 when you rotate your tires, keeping all of your tires withint the 2/32 inch difference in size, and keep an eye on tire pressure…this will also have an affect on tire size and can damage your drive system.

Last of all, although Volvo doesn’t necesarily recommend it, the angle gear oil can be pumped out and replaced. If it’s the orignial oil, at those miles, I would at least check it and if you buy it, immediately replace it. It’s easy and cheap and will help prolong the rear drive system in your AWD.

Good luck!

Pre-2003 Volvo AWD Buyers Checklist

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