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How to Read a CARFAX Report

Things to know about a CARFAX Report

Deciphering Vehicle History

CARFAX's Car FoxMVS Volvo Forum member and contributor Vince is looking for a used Volvo, specifically, a 2004 Volvo V70. He wisely gets a CARFAX report. Go Vince!
“Just looking at a car to buy and have a question about the CARFAX report. I know it’ll only show information that is reported, so it’ll never be a true crystal ball into the entire history of a vehicle, but this one got me wondering a bit…”

“Corporate Car” — Good or Bad?

But then he sees it was Registered as corporate vehicle, and that it kept that registration type its whole life. Hmm.

“Specifically, does anyone know what ‘Corporate Vehicle’ means? I’m guessing it wasn’t used as a taxi or a delivery car (I’d think the milage would be higher and the maintenance, compared to a Chrysler minivan, would kill a company) and I’d think that if it were associated with a dealer fleet car, there would be gobs of maintenance records. The fact that the only maintenance records is that it’s been at a Midas shop three times is odd, but again, I know not every shop would report their service. I sure hope it’s not running on the original timing belt!”

What is this CARFAX really telling me?

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