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Oil Pan/Sump O-Ring Replacement 2000 Volvo XC

Removing the oil pan for o-ring replacement is a messy affair, but very necessary if you are experiencing low oil pressure due to old and degraded o-rings. I was quoted $500 for the job from both my Volvo dealer and an indie shop. I’m VERY glad I saved the money doing the Oil Pan/Sump O-Ring Replacement  myself, however I can definitely understand why someone would want to pay someone else to do this.

But if you’re willing, and you’ve got the time, tools, and rags, here is my writeup for a 2000 V70XC. The procedure is nearly identical to any car in the 98-2000 range, and is still similar to cars like the 850.

What you’ll need:

-Bottle jack
-Small pry-bar or similar
-Lots of rags/old blankets/paper towel
-Several cans of Liquid Gasket Remover/Simple Green/Brake Cleaner/Chemtool B12 (any works, combination works better)
-Gloves (tougher mechanic ones AND nitrile/latex ones are recommended)
-Block of wood (2×4 works fine, maybe a foot long)
-Large zip-ties (heavy duty long ones, get them at Home Deport or something)
-Duct tape
-Torx wrenches
-Sockets, metric (of all sizes, but particularly 10,12, 14, 17, 18, 19)
-Socket wrenches (I found 3/8″ and 1/2″ drives to be the most useful)
-U-Joints to fit the various socket wrenches
-Volvo Gasket Sealant PN: 1161 059–9 (REQUIRED)
-O-Ring kit (Got mine from FCP Groton, IPD also carries it)
-7 quarts of oil (6 if car has no oil cooler) (Pennzoil has my vote after how relatively clean my pan was!)
-New oil filter

Oil Pan/Sump O-Ring

DIY: Oil Pan/Sump O-Ring Replacement 2000 XC

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