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1979 Performance Parts and GT Accessories Catalog

Note: 1979 is the closest I could date this document. If you know it’s a different year, please let me know. View/download this catalog (PDF).

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Volvo R Sport – A new name representing a new era in Volvo performance and competition. Volvo’s long established competition department in Gothenburg, Sweden, formerly known as Volvo Competition Service, has adopted the new name to reflect the expanded development program of competition parts and equipment to support both the Volvo enthusiast and the official factory re-entry into competition-the Volvo R Team. The Volvo R Team (the R is for rally and racing) represents Volvo’s official return to rally racing with two specially prepared Volvo 343 Turbo’s competing in the European Rally Cross Championships during 1979. 

The “Team” is the final test for parts and equipment developed and marketed by the “Sport” division, a combination that assures the Volvo enthusiast and competitor the finest in performance parts and GT accessories. The Parts and Accessories Division of Volvo of America began distribution of competition parts back in 1974 from the Los Angeles Distribution Center. Since then, it has expanded into a national program that allows all Volvo dealers in the U.S. and Canada immediate access to these parts through their local Volvo Parts Distribution Centers. Although Volvo of America does not actively participate in competition, Volvo has established a specialist to assist the dealer, competitor, and enthusiast in the application and preparation of performance parts and accessories. 

In the U.S. write:
In Canada write: Volvo of America Corp.
Volvo Canada Ltd. Parts Division
Parts Division Building C
175 Gordon Baker Road Rockleigh, N.J. 07647
Willowdale, Ontario M2H 2N7

The extensive technical resources of both the R Sport Department and other technical units within Volvo provide the important support to the specialist to assure that the most current and accurate information is available to the enthusiast and competitor. The success of Volvo in European type performance rallies here in America attests to the importance of using the right parts and applications. Some of the best performance rally drivers in North America depend on Volvo, and consistently place in the top positions, often ahead of factory prepared cars costing five times as much. In fact, the Volvo 142 may be one of the least expensive cars to prepare for competition. Volvo’s legendary strength and durability means relatively little modification when compared to other manufacturers. Yet, the parts and equipment listed within these pages allows you to prepare a car identical to one our factory would build. Everything from GT stripes to specially cast, limited production, large port cylinder heads. Like all genuine Volvo parts, performance parts and GT accessories are protected by a limited 12 month warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This coverage, however, does not apply to any part actually used in performance rally or race-like competition. All items listed in this catalog may only be purchased from an authorized Volvo dealer. Price information can be obtained from any Volvo dealer. Volvo competitors in rally and racing can find individual competition maintenance and replacement parts listed in the Master Volvo R Sport (formerly Competition Service) catalog, available at the Parts Department of an authorized Volvo dealer. Whether competing in rally and racing or just seeking improved performance for everyday use, Volvo Performance Parts and GT Accessories are designed to make your Volvo that much more rewarding and enjoyable to drive. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of the competition R Sport parts are intended strictly for off road competition use and are not certified or approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), or Transport Canada. Volvo dealers in the United States may be subject to legal penalties under The Clean Air Act and/or The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act if they fail to advise customers of possible Federal and State violations before the sale or installation of subject parts. In Canada, Volvo dealers may be subject to penalties under certain provincial laws and regulations if they fail to advise customers of possible violations before the sale or installation of subject parts. Additionally, the owner and/or operator of a vehicle used on public roads and equipped with parts in violation of standards set forth by government agencies, may be subject to the same legal penalties.

Volvo Performance And Gt Accessories 7771017 6 Sample -

… all the products in the catalog go here. See the PDF…

Airborne 343 Volvo Rally Car -
An “R Team” 343 becomes airborne during European Rallycross Championship. 

The extensive range of Volvo Accessories does not end here. More than 200 additional accessories, ranging from Air Conditioning to Trailer Hitches, are listed in a separate Accessories Brochure available free of charge from all authorized Volvo dealers. 

In addition to the brochure, the Parts Department of each dealer maintains separate Accessory and R Sport loose leaf catalogs that are continuously up-dated with the latest in new product information. 

The Volvo dealer is your exclusive source for genuine Volvo Parts. Protected by a limited 12 month warranty, genuine Volvo Parts assure you of unsurpassed performance and quality that keeps your Volvo going better longer. Volvo R Sport can provide technical information only for Performance Parts and GT Accessories. The most comprehensive source for other technical and service information is the factory Service Manual. A wide selection of manuals covering most years and models are available through your local Volvo dealer.

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