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PNP Alignment without the tool

Let’s talk PNP Alignment

There is a good write-up on Volvospeed with pictures on how to replace your PNP Switch but what’s missing is how to align it once you get it in. The alignment tool (apparently only sold by Volvo) is often times hard to acquire even from a dealer and really an unnecessary expense. This write-up gives you an easy to follow step-by-step way to make sure the new PNP switch you install is properly aligned for your car! Comments are welcome in the thread.

 MadeInJapan wrote:

“amI originally posted this as a reply to someone inquiring about how difficult replacing your own PNP switch was and then realized that we don’t have a write-up on this in our database, so I’ve copied my reply here as a fresh post.

The PNP switch replacement is a bit of a pain. A bunch of stuff has to be moved out of the way and then once it’s in place you have to “adjust” or as they call it, align it. This is really not that hard though…much easier than trying to get an alignment tool. So, most people do it without the tool. The PNP switch has to be aligned within 3mm of what it’s suppose to be for it to work at all so if you get it in and it doesn’t work, don’t assume that the switch is bad…it’s probably the alignment.” 

Good luck to everyone trying this. Let us know how it goes by adding your comments! 

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Chuck Sims says:

is there a way to bypass the pnp switch on a 1998 Volvo s90?

Chuck Sims says:

Is there a way to bypass the PNP switch on a 1998 s90 Volvo?….i’m assuming u cant just disconnect it

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