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Buying a Volvo S70 5

Looking to buy a Volvo S70 5?

This is part 5 of a five-part series on buying and fixing up a Volvo S70.
Buying an S70 part 1
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Buying an S70 part 5

Well – I changed the oil yesterday evening, clearing out the Seafoam and “flushing” the system with some dino-oil. ‘Flushing’ because it’s to be changed in 2 or so short weeks when I have the PCV system from FPC Groton.

grill mod

While under the car I noticed a problem I had missed in a hurried inspection back east…. the radiator was only mounted on one end, somehow the bolts washer that rests against the metal spacer in the mounting bracket was undersized and had passed thru. Man that would been catastrophic had the other mount broke loose. Also the big tube into/outta(?)(bottom of ic – drivers side) the intercooler had a nice divot in it and a resulting hairline split… pressurized systems love leaks… I can only guess as to the cause, there was no “crash” damage anywhere around. Needless to say both were fixed (the hose temporarily – gotta love duct tape and zipties!!) and no other issues were spotted as I examined the underside more carefully.

I painted the grill first thing too, took it apart, cleaned it and threw 7 – 8 coats of Kyrlon Fusion I had lying around on it.

  • Here are the numbers:
  • 6.144 gallons 164054 miles $3.509 /gal La Plata, MD 4:05pm
  • 10.506 gallons 164298 miles $3.599 /gal Morgantown, WV 7:46pm 23.1 MPG (volvo tripcomp.)
  • 7.030 gallons 164471 miles $3.460 /gal Nitro, WV 11:04pm
  • 15.470 gallons 164808 miles $3.399 /gal Haubstadt, IN 3:17am 23.3 MPG (volvo tripcomp.)
  • 11.293gallons 165092 miles $3.399 /gal Columbia, MO 8:18 am
  • 8.085 gallons 165285 miles $3.339 /gal Topeka, KS 11:38am 23.8 MPG (volvo tripcomp.)
  • Manhattan, KS 165338 miles = 1305 trip miles (first fill up was 20.2 miles in] 12:20pm
  • total fuel: 58.558
  • personalized PCV system about $20.00
  • fuel cost: $201.68
  • cost of my 98 s70 T-5: $1500.00
  • Driving a T-5 half way across the country in approx. 21 hours without a ticket or incident….
  • Priceless
  • (couldn’t resist….)

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Hey, no worries – I really appreciate the gesture though. btw: car is ‘sitting’, waiting, watching for the mail and the o-rings from FCP…

I looked and no dice. Sorry to get your hopes up but I’m almost certain that they were given to someone who needed them a couple of years ago. Man, I hate this getting older business. Something just seem to slip by… 🙁

I looked today and could not find my IC/Turbo hoses. I’ll look again tomorrow. I have this strange notion that I gave them away, yet, I recollect that they’re in a box somewhere.

I’m assuming that’s your new car, Matthew. No? It doesn’t state the blog author. If yes, I’m in Denver. Otherwise, apologies for the misunderstanding 🙂

MIJ – that’s the one – PM me and we can work a deal, thanks – my conjecture is somebody driving it hit a -high curb, parking stop, large-ish rock and scaped the hose. It’s a small divot maybe 1/8″ dia.

peyton – thats a wonderfully kind offer – as I don’t have a garage… but your not in like California are ya??

BTW – Give me a ring if you need any help getting your new ride back into shape – or if you’d like to borrow my garage.

Hey man…you talking about the 90degree rubber hose on the IC that’s on the driver’s side? If so, I believe I have a spare one laying around. I bought one (the first was shot) and only used it for a few months before changing all of my IC hoses for silicone so if it’s still here somewhere it’s yours. This part of the IC is the lowest in the system and tends to get oil saturated and can spring a leak. Don’t know why it had a divot in it unless the previous owner did it somehow.

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