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Production of C30 Has Ended

RIP C30: Well that was a quick 5 years. It seems just yesterday I was struck by the photos of the Volvo SCC concept’s hatch — it was a design callback to the 1961 Volvo P1800 hatch.
Volvo P1800 and C30



It was 2001 North American International Auto Show, Detroit. The C30 itself was unveiled at the  2006 Paris Motor Show. North American models were sold as 2007 model year cars. The US only got the ubiquitous inline-5 cylinder, while Canada and other markets saw a 4-cylinder offering as well.


I was surprised when the prototype was greenlit for production, because often anachronistic-element concept cars tend to be vanity things, headline-makers.

Anyway, the tidy 3-door hit the streets sharing engines, parts and assembly line space with other Volvo P1 cars. Problem was, not enough of them hit the streets. Blame too-high an MSRP (I do). Perhaps it was the lack of promotion or may be the price was too high. Whatever the case, C30, we hardly knew the vehicle.

From the beginning, the C30 was produced in low numbers. The company only intended to lease the vehicle to companies, corporate customers and governmental agencies. With less than 250 cars planned by the end of 2012, the demand and interest never picked up. In the US, the C30 was meant for the West Coast but at a lease price of around $2,100 a month, there were very few takers.

Even in Europe, where the car was leased at $1500 a month, no one showed any interest. By mid 2013, the volvo C30 was not even produced and it was removed from the Website. The last days of production of Volvo C30 were at the end of July 2013.


Yep. I expect these “R-Design” name shenanigans from domestics, not from Volvo.

Like how the pitiful ~1990 Cavalier got some rocker panels and other junk and the name “Z-24″… it was still an awful 80s compact car, but they borrowed the Camaro’s “Z” designation to sell them.

How to Kill a Brand 101…

I bought a 2012 C30 abd really like it. I think Volvo’s mistake(s) were that they never marketed it and they should have made the Polestar tuning upgrade standard. The car is pretty quick at 227HP but 250HP would be much better. The R-design was all smoke and mirrors – they could have done a 300HP for it and made these cars special.

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