SEMA 2012 – The PINs are Coming!

Tuners, we have a bogey at 12 o’clock:

“Manufacturers are responding to this by developing new ways to keep folks from modifying their cars. While I can understand this need to prevent unjustified warranty claims, the consequence of this is that owners are not able to make the changes they might like to once the vehicle is out of warranty. Tuning companies across the board are running into new encryption methods which are getting more and more complex. While encryptions can be broken with enough time and effort the latest PIN protected Eeproms prevent outside communication of any kind without the proper PIN. Will the OE’s provide the PIN to customers once the warranty period is up? If not, new vehicle’s sales may be impacted by how friendly the OE is to the aftermarket.”

Don’t freak out yet, it’s still early. We’ll have to wait and see if manufacturers let owners into their electronics after the warranty is up.

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