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manual Transmission Swap Problem

Manual Transmission Swap Needs ECU Tune

Ozark Lee » The manuals don’t have a TCU beyond the guy or gal that is behind the wheel with a foot on the clutch pedal and a hand on the shifter. There is no module in the slot.

Some manual TCUs are better than others, it drives me nuts when my wife goes for second in the middle of an intersection from a stop light but I do have the low geared M-56 in the ’94. By the time she has dumped the clutch she goes for second, I wrap it up to around 4 grand before I make the move.

The rub is that the US versions of the ECU expect to have a dialogue with the TCU and when the communications stop (as in the automatic transmission and/or the TCU are gone) it freaks out and throws a CEL.

I do believe there are ECU tuners that have dealt with it but I don’t know which ones, the last I heard was that IPD had not but perhaps that Rica had, that would make sense since Rica is based in Europe.

I have never used them or their parts and I don’t endorse them but I have hear that they are quite good. They may also be quite expensive with the ever shrinking dollar.

standard transmission swap

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My 1993 850GLT automatic transmission is “Ja Kaputt”, I recently invested US$1000 repairing it and after 125km went damaged again. I don`t want my mechanic to suicide nor to charge another reparation to my costs.
I have an S40 2004 A/T. Can I swap it in my 850?
Kind regards

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