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2000 Volvo S40: Sometimes it Won’t Start

Volvo S40

mlandi says: 

Problem with not being able to starting S40 Volvo yr 2000 i had 2 starters replace, battery good, alternater replace, key change, relay switch replaced can any one help me i already spend a fortune and 3 mechanics can’t find the problem even the volvo dealer can’t find the problem it is now occuring every 2 weeks i never now if the car will start or not please help
thank you

booboo22 writes:

“I can tell you I had the car for 4 months and changed everything as you can see by my prior posts and still had the starting problem. I now have owned the car over 9 months and after changing the Neutral Relay Switch the car has never done it again. I drove myself crazy thinking it too was the cell phone, car door opener, and so on. It would do it if the can ran for 5 minutes or 30 minutes. My neighbor finally fixed it after I spent tons of money on the starter, battery, iginiton. He said that when switch goes bad the car does not think it is in park so the engine will not crank over. I have copied this from another web site to explain alittle. (An important car electrical component is the neutral safety switch. This switch disables the starter operation when the vehicles transmission is not in neutral or park. If the engine was allowed to start in gear the car would immediately begin to move once the engine started. Neutral safety switches are equipped on automatic transmission vehicles only.) So like I said if the car does not think it is in park (because the switch is bad) the car will not start. I hope this helps.”

s40 volvo yr 2000 sometimes car not starting

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I have a 2005 S40 and had that problem just after getting the car… The positive cable on the starter had come loose… Check yours.
I thought it was the anti theft causing the no starts.. but it wasn’t.

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