Sheared Off Brake Guide Pin – Dangerous?

MVS Volvo Forums member jreed talks us through drilling out a sheared-off brake guide pin: Thanks to all the good info here on the site the job went pretty well, until near the very end I overtightened one of the guide pins that attaches the rotor to the hub, shearing it off. I was using […]

Chip Tune vs. Manual Boost Controller

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

I shot an email over to my favorite Volvo speed genius Lucky, of Active Research & Development, formerly of iPD, MVS sponsor. He was happy to give his thoughts on the question Chip or Manual Boost Controller? Now, I know what you’re thinking: he runs a chip tune company! Of course he’ll favor chips! Yes […]

No Brakes When Cold, Volvo V70

No Brakes Symptoms After a startup when engine is cold there is no brake assist, the brake pedal feels very hard, braking efficiency is very low and for some reason it feels worse when driving in reverse. No Brakes Solution Vacuum pump and/or switch replacement

1998 Volvo V70 Brake Hydraulics Overhaul

1998 Volvo V70 brake system overhaul

Brake Hoses, Caliper Seals/Dust Boots Rebuild Tutorial MVS Contributor and Member CN90 documented his thorough brake hydraulics overhaul and posted it in the forum. His tutorial is the next best thing to a Volvo tech sitting next to you saying things like “Now turn that nut counterclockwise. Good.” CN90’s DIY Brake Hydraulic System Overhaul on […]

What Is Stage 0?

Stcc Race 1 Ring Knutstorp 24 Maj 2014, Fredrik Ekblom, Volvo Polestar, Stcc,

Stage 0 means to get your Volvo’s critical systems as close to new as you can get, or alternately, to get your Volvo’s components replaced or rebuilt in all areas that can cause problems.

It’s done to increase reliability, economy, in preparation for performance modifications, or all three.