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2000 V70R – Rear Calipers No Longer Available, Retrofit Is

2000 V70R

2000 V70R - Rear Calipers No Longer Available

MVS Contributor and 5-year member Neil:

I think my rear calipers are ok for now, but I am concerned that as Blockpartie suggested the calipers for the rear are NA. What do you do if they need to be replaced? Is there somewhere that can repair them or can sell a piston and seal kit?

Part # is: 9492235/6 (LH and RH).

I am especially ticked as I have a set of brand new vented Volvo rear rotors waiting their turn to be needed.

What is it on the calipers that wears out other than the pistons rusting or seals failing? I know the slider pins wear but is there anything else to watch out for?

2000 V70R – Rear Calipers no longer available, retrofit is.

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