1998 Volvo V70 Brake Hydraulics Overhaul

1998 Volvo V70 brake system overhaul

Brake Hoses, Caliper Seals/Dust Boots Rebuild Tutorial MVS Contributor and Member CN90 documented his thorough brake hydraulics overhaul and posted it in the forum. His tutorial is the next best thing to a Volvo tech sitting next to you saying things like “Now turn that nut counterclockwise. Good.” CN90’s DIY Brake Hydraulic System Overhaul on […]

240 dies when I shift immediately after starting

Volvo 240 Dies Shifting from Park + Brake Problems Car dies when I shift quickly out of park… and I was about to change the rotor on the front driver’s side, unscrewed the caliper, when all the brake fluid leaked out. I must also confess that, in my youthful excitement, I sprayed WD-40 into one […]

Volvo S80 Rear Brake Pad & Rotor Change

Here’s how to change the rear brake pads and/or rotor on your 2001 S80 T6. This might apply to other models or years of the P2 cars. Sorry if some of the pics are out of focus – it was tough to hold on to everything with one hand and work the camera with the other. I had to replace the disc and pads on one wheel of my car because one of the factory pads (yes, Volvo brand) was machined improperly and got stuck in the caliper. It kept the pad in contact with the disc and wore a bevel on one side of the rotor. This time I decided to use Akebono ceramic pads and a Centric rotor (the rotor that got ruined was a Brembo). Sorry I couldn’t include all the pics – there’s a limit of 24. Read through the whole post before starting any work.