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240 dies when I shift immediately after starting

Volvo 240 dies?

Volvo 240 Dies Shifting from Park + Brake Problems

Car dies when I shift quickly out of park… and I was about to change the rotor on the front driver’s side, unscrewed the caliper, when all the brake fluid leaked out.

I must also confess that, in my youthful excitement, I sprayed WD-40 into one of the bleeder screw holes. I was trying to clean the caliper but later found out that petroleum distillates should NEVER be used anywhere near a braking system. So my question now is, should I replace the caliper, or clean it out with brake cleaner and hope for the best?

240 dies when I shift immediately after starting

Bonus! More on the Volvo 240

For model year 1983, the emblem at the rear of all 240 models was changed. No longer did it say 242, 244 or 245. The badge just said 240, as part of a new designation strategy. In reality, however, most people continued to refer to their cars as a 244 or 245.

This change did not mean any large-scale modification to the cars.

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