Some P80s Are Exempt from Emissions Testing

Emissions testing: required for all Volvos made after the last ice age, right? Not for some 1993-2000 FWD/AWD Volvos. Volvo’s emission standards were too high on the P80 Volvos. Yes, too high. SonicAdventure: I have a 98 non turbo V70. Build date is 5/97. When I called the local Volvo dealer they said that my VIN […]

Catalytic Convertors… How Do They Work?

MVS Volvo Forum Contributor rmmagow lays it out on catalytic converters (abbreviated often as simply “cat“): The CAT is a pretty simple device, no moving parts. The front O2 sensor is before the CAT and is the important part in the mileage equation. The rear O2 sensor (in most cars) does little but watch the stream […]

1999 S70 vs. California Emissions Test

Here is some additional information from the EPA you can bring to the technician smoging your car if its running into readiness issues. APPENDIX D Manufacturers Known to Have OBD Readiness Issues 1996 Volvo 850 Turbo – Vehicles will clear readiness at key-off. There is no reprogramming available for this line of vehicles. These vehicles […]

Volvo Drive Cycle For Readiness

I noticed today when someone posted about their readiness codes that this is not in the repair database, so I’m adding it. Basically, if you go for emissions testing and they scan your computer and find that your car is not ready although there are no diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) or check engine light, you’ll fail the inspection. A regular OBD-II scanner will also tell you that your readiness codes are not set. Volvo gives us a specific Drive Cycle that has to be done at least twice to set these codes so that you will pass inspection. In this thread, you’ll find those instructions.