S40 & V40: Hidden Horsepower?

MVS Forums member FixXxer6 and his 2004 S40 were wondering if there was any hidden horsepower in its intake, engine (and peripherals) or exhaust…

I was wondering if anyone knows about or has done any free/almost free mods to Volvos. Some cars have hidden HP that can be unchained by doing mods like unrestricting flow or removing stuff that isn’t needed. Any ideas?

Piggyback ECU & SAFC… it’s Fast Friday #27!

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

ARD owner and tuner Robert “Lucky” Arnold writes When I started tuning years ago the only thing approachable was using a piggyback ECU to adjust fuel and timing on my LH fueled RWD Volvos. Of all the cars I put piggyback on, my 242 was my favorite and after the swap from the mechanical K-jet […]

Chip Tune vs. Manual Boost Controller

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

I shot an email over to my favorite Volvo speed genius Lucky, of Active Research & Development, formerly of iPD, MVS sponsor. He was happy to give his thoughts on the question Chip or Manual Boost Controller? Now, I know what you’re thinking: he runs a chip tune company! Of course he’ll favor chips! Yes […]

Happy ARD Customer

I was looking for a 16t and a good tuner, but with limited cash I didn’t want to go to IPD. I heard nothing but good news from ARD when I found out it was Lucky from IPD, my hopes soared. Unfortunately, I still didn’t have a 16t.

DIY: S60 R Downpipe on a Volvo S60 T5

Easy Power Upgrade for S60 T5 and 2.4T Models To put an S60 R downpipe on a FWD S60 2.4T or T5, mostly the changes you must do have to do with the brackets under the exhaust as AWD exhaust on the S60 R hangs lower than FWD exhaust. How to fit a S60R downpipe […]

Short Ram Intake

Another Quick n Easy DIY Volvo Performance Mod Home Made Short Ram Intake I did want to put on a performance air intake. The drop-in K&N filter that fits in the stock air box is a reasonable option, but I wanted the look and especially the sound of the SRI for my mid-life crisis machine. […]

Tightening up the Turbo Waste Gate ?

Wastegate Settings – Numbers and Theory The idea here is to assure the wastegate valve remains closed until the wastegate experiences the preset pressure in the VADIS doc above. Anything higher than the Vadis pressure and the wastegate valve shoud move/open. I have a magnetic dial gauge I use to monitor the wastegate valve action […]

Performance & Troubleshooting: KISS Your Throttle

I remembered this tip from my days driving my grandfather’s-passed-down 1971 yellow/black, 2-dr Dodge Dart 318 V8 with “Rallye” wheels (somewhat rare). He bought it new off the lot here in Denver when the kid who ordered it custom couldn’t find the money to complete the purchase when it was delivered. When I got it […]