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Tightening up / Adjusting the Turbo WasteGate?

Volvo Wastegate Settings – Numbers and Theory

The turbo wastegate valve and actuator each have to do their part. While setting it the wastegate valve must be fully closed. To achieve this you remove the rod and you should be able to open and close the valve by hand.

Now that the valve and the actuator are separate you apply the proper psi/kpa to the actuator. Leave the pressure on the actuator and try to place the actuator rod back on the valve without moving the valve. If it fits you were set correctly. If it does not fit perfectly (perfect =valve closed and actuator rod slips on valve without moving valve from its closed position) then correct it to fit perfectly by turning the rod “end” until the hole in the rod, and the pin it goes on, line up perfectly.

Release the holding nut on the actuator rod properly. You will need to hold the rod stable to release the nut and turn the end. Do not allow the rod to turn. Mark the top of the rod so you can see if it is turning. Hold the rod with pliers. Turning the rod can damage some actuators.

Once the rod and valve are together again you should release your pressure and then reapply the proper amount. Watch the valve. It must not move until you go slightly over the VADIS pressure. If it does move below the VADIS pressure then you have set it incorrectly.

The idea here is to assure the wastegate valve remains closed until the wastegate experiences the preset pressure in the VADIS doc above. Anything higher than the VADIS pressure and the wastegate valve should move/open.

I have a magnetic dial gauge I use to monitor the wastegate valve action but if you look closely you can see it as the pressure rises to the correct amount. The rod end is usually bigger than the shaft it goes on. I leave off the retaining pin and watch the slack disappear while I add the pressure. I then go and recheck my findings with the dial gauge. I want to know what pressure it opens at. It should open just above the VADIS setting. So if yours is 2psi then by 2.25 psi your valve should have moved

You will want to apply/remove the pressure several times just to be sure you have it right. If your setting is 2psi then the wastegate should be closed at 2psi but open by 2.1 to 2.25psi

Tightening Up / Adjusting the Turbo Wastegate Settings?


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