2005 S40 Speedometer LED Bulbs Burnt Out?

MVS Forums member bwk97volvos4005 shows us how to fix burnt out speedometer LED bulbs on his Volvo S40 with photos and tips! My 2005 S40 speedometer LEDs quit working. These are little LEDs that are soldered directly to the board that controls all gauges. There are several posts on how to get the gauge cluster out. Once […]

Boost Gauge Mounted in Headliner DIY

The end result is a nice-looking, nice-functioning boost gauge that dims with the rest of my 1997 850’s instrument gauges. Because it’s mounted up high it’s unobtrusive, and far less likely to be seen by street racers, cops or thieves. It’s there when I need to know boost, and invisible to me all other times. It’s slightly nearer to my field of vision than any of the other mounting positions I tried, so my eyes are on the road more.

240DL 86 Instrument Cluster weirdness

You may be alarmed when the temp gauge on your 240 is heading to the danger zone. As a precaution, always immediately discontinue driving the car until you can pull off to a safe location and check your engine coolant levels. However, sometimes the situation continues to occur even though all of the cooling system […]

New Instrument Cluster

Swapping Instrument Clusters from One Volvo to Another No programming necessary. I just converted my clock-only 1994 850  (non-turbo, 5 speed) to a instrument cluster with info display. It was easy. If you’re pulling it yourself you need to be sure to get the switch and the wiring. There is no “harness” to the dashboard […]