2020 Volvo S90 – Evaluating It vs. Competitors

Consumer Reports S90 Featured -

Consumer Reports is an interesting thing. It runs no ads, and that alone marks it an outlier in the publishing world. But when you throw in the fact that it’s not an expensive, high-art quarterly or technical trade journal but rather a product review magazine, well, you end up with a really strange animal. Consumer […]

Volvo Price List for 1997 Cars – 850 and 960

1997 Volvo Price List -

Ever wonder what your 850 or 960 cost at the dealer in the 1990s? Here’s the Volvo price list for 1997…  contents of a fantastic old Volvo Web page. ROCKLEIGH, NJ–Volvo is optimistic about sales volumes for the last half of 1996. And no wonder. By the end of June 850 sales were up 16% […]

Volvo to Offer Tuning Kits for Drive-E Engine

Developed through collaboration between Volvo’s in-house research-and-development team and transmission maker Aisin Warner, the kits are said to borrow technology from the performance-focused S60 Polestar and V60 Polestar packages. Both cars have been selling faster than the company expected, prompting a second production batch and inspiring the tuning kits for basic models.

The kits are designed to improve engine performance, while also tweaking throttle response, shift speed, shift precision and off-throttle response. The company has not yet detailed how much additional performance buyers can expect.

A Volvo Hot Hatch, Maybe?

Rumors are swirling about a Volvo Polestar hot hatch based on the V40. Volvo would be aiming this car at the Ford Focus RS and VW Golf R. This category has been given new life with new models from Ford, Audi and VW. Volvo wants in. over 300hp possible AWD almost certainly no manual transmission […]

New Volvo S60 R-Design: Fast

Last Year’s 2011 S60: Most Socks Blown Off Last year’s debut of the all-new S60 T6 marked a milestone for Volvo sedans: naughty. (Literally, “naughty” — as pretentious as it was — was the marketing adjective used as the centerpiece of the new S60). It was the first Volvo sedan in recent memory marketed to […]

A New Volvo S60 is Born

2011 Volvo S60

I’ve Got Cautious Optimism A new S60 will see the light of dealers’ showrooms and our driveways in the fall. My take: cautious optimism. Caution because it’ll probably clock in at a higher price than today’s S60, which is $32,800 base. The T6 AWD — what they showed today — will undoubtedly be higher than […]

New Volvos — Economy Pushes Prices Downward

I just got this email, which says as a current Volvo owner I’m entitled to $1000 off ($1500 for XC90) a new Volvo. That’s in addition to “price reductions” and “Volvo allowances”. All this is marketing-speak for “we need to move cars, so we’re cutting prices.” $28,400 for a new V70 (recently redesigned) is not […]