Cream Yellow 850 T-5R Volvos & Paint Code

Volvo Cream Yellow T5 R paint code 607

Cream Yellow 850 T-5R Facts Yellow 850 T-5R paint is Volvo paint code 607. If the product plate doesn’t have 607 on it, it’s not a yellow T-5R. Cream yellow was only used in model year 1995 for the Volvo 850 line, and only on the T-5R variant. 364 sedans imported to the United States, […]

How to Save Money Having Your Car Painted

We did all of the prep work ourselves including scraping out the rust, bondo it over, priming our repair spots, removing all trim, and delivering the vehicle essentially ready to mask off the glass and paint. At that point, Maaco did a darn fine job for just under $1K. Of course, then we had to […]

A List of Volvo Paint Colors and Their Codes

Here are all the Volvo Color Codes and the different models on which they were used (includes wheel colors at the bottom). Btw, the color code on most vehicles is located next to the last line on the identification plate under your hood- usually on the front fender well, left side: 20 Pearl grey 21 […]