New Volvo S60 R-Design: Fast

Last Year’s 2011 S60: Most Socks Blown Off Last year’s debut of the all-new S60 T6 marked a milestone for Volvo sedans: naughty. (Literally, “naughty” — as pretentious as it was — was the marketing adjective used as the centerpiece of the new S60). It was the first Volvo sedan in recent memory marketed to […]

A New Volvo S60 is Born

2011 Volvo S60

I’ve Got Cautious Optimism A new S60 will see the light of dealers’ showrooms and our driveways in the fall. My take: cautious optimism. Caution because it’ll probably clock in at a higher price than today’s S60, which is $32,800 base. The T6 AWD — what they showed today — will undoubtedly be higher than […]