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Next time someone says Volvo people only take their cars in for service, tell them the PCV System Repair On A Volvo 5-Cylinder, Justin’s excellent DIY, has almost a third of a million views, and its PDF has been downloaded almost 40k times.

Need real-life, hands-on help IN PERSON from a fellow non-professional DIY’er? This is your topic.

Volvo News, Thought and Tips

AWD – Yea Or Nay?
Is the extra maintenance cost worth it? Or is 2WD with snow tires a better option?

Pedestrian Detection Testing
The results of the tests [CNet] … six were able to snag themselves a superior rating, with Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo unsurprisingly making the cut.

Arduino Volvo Display Thread
How to make your Volvo display vital, exact information. A little tinkering and not a lot of dollars can get you far more information than stock.

Oil viscosity for Volvos discussion
Oil Viscosity And The Owners’ Manual “My thought is to just change it myself with 5W/40 and be good for 104F and below or 10W/30 and be good for all temps we’re likely to see around here.”

P2 V70 Rear Spoiler Installation Instructions With Photos MVS Contributor 850 LPT puts down a great DIY on adding a spoiler to your wagon.

Cost/benefit calculations on P80 End of Life
When an accident forces that decision, you have mere days to make up your mind about letter her go. Here is one of those tales. This is longtime MVS Contributor  FireFox31’s post about his beautiful 2000 V70 manual transmission wagon.


Old and New-ish




“Wait a second, its good therapy, keep you sane and cost less then a shrink. It is smart finances.”
– RickHaleParker in 2012 S60 T5 High Oil Consumption

“What probably helped me the most is investing in VIDA. The paint-by-numbers easy instructions for disassembling the engine was invaluable as it showed the locations of each bolt and nut I had to remove. If you don’t have it, I HIGHLY recommend getting it.”
– Vulsin in 2012 S60 T5 High Oil Consumption

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