302mm Brake Upgrade DIY, Photos & Notes

302mm Brake Upgrade Success Is the 302mm upgrade worth it? It only cost me $78 extra as I needed to do the rest of that stuff anyway. There’s an improvement in the way the car stops and I think it’s worth it – especially when I factor in the savings I “earned” by doing it […]

Royalty Cross Drilled Rotors: Product Review

MVS Volvo Forum member Peacock reviews a new set of Royalty Cross Drilled Rotors (w/ lifetime warranty) for us. Thanks Peacock! Where to get them? MVS Sponsor FCP Groton sells Royalty rotors and I’d buy from them any day. View the Royalty Rotors website. Two month usage impression: I am happy with them thus far, when i […]

Volvo 850 cermamic brakes or OEM?

Q “I am about to redo brakes and rotors on front and rear… I was wondering if the ceramic pads are worth the little extra they cost. I should i stick to the oem volvo pads which i believe are semi metallic. Are cross drilled rotors an additional plus ? Are they worth the extra […]