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How New Volvo Brake Pads + Rotors Can Improve

volvo brake pads

Volvo Brake Pads clamp down hard, giving you more stopping power.

Volvo Brake Pads clamp down hard, giving you more stopping power. A high-performance driver needs high-performance brake pads. Your Volvo Brake Pads withstand the test of a screaming horsepower with ease. Choose from top brands and experience brake pads that damper the noise, give a stronger stop and resist fade. Replace your pads with Volvo Brake Pads for results you can feel.

MVS Forum Member acvolvo says:

It’s funny, most people when modding their cars, never think about upgrading the brakes. It’s usually bigger alloys, dump valves, induction kits, exhausts, sound system. But modding brakes is something that is usually on most folks “to do list”…

I only thought about upgrading my discs and volvo brake pads a few weeks ago – I’ve been driving for 12 years and never once have I upgraded to better discs and volvo brake pads.

Anyways, about 2/3 weeks ago, the S70 was a little sluggish when braking from the usual high speed runs, so I ordered 20 grooved 3G vented discs and Ceramic Red Stuff pads for the font wheels.

I was horrified at the condition of the old discs and pads when I removed them earlier today. The first set of volvo brake pads to be removed had a large crack and deep grooves cut into them:

MVS Forum member MadeInJapan replied:

Brand and prices and where you bought these if you don’t mind. I’m feeling the same “power loss” from about 70mph on mine. Also never changed from stock. Wondering how the rears were and if you did anything with them?
Btw, they look really sharp!

Ronniedasaint asks:

Anyone have any helpful advice on brands for new rotors and pads? As of right now I haven’t decided on the rotors but I am thinking I’ll get rptprs with holes for the front and just some regular ones for the back. As far as volvo brake pads go I’m thinking either EBC or Akebono for the front and some EBC Ultramax for the rear. Any advie would be great, thanks.

How New Pads + Rotors Can Improve

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