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302mm Brake Upgrade DIY, Photos & Notes

successful 302mm brake upgrade2

302mm Brake Upgrade Success

Is the 302mm upgrade worth it? It only cost me $78 extra as I needed to do the rest of that stuff anyway. There’s an improvement in the way the car stops and I think it’s worth it – especially when I factor in the savings I “earned” by doing it myself!

MVS Volvo Forums Contributor ojdorson breaks down the parts and process in upgrading to 302mm “big brakes” on his Volvo:

I just finished doing all the front brakes from the flex lines out.

302mm Brake Upgrade Parts

  • Centric 302mm rotor (for 2000 V70) – $46.25/ea – $92.50
  • Centric Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads w/Shims – $35.70
  • Centric Caliper (Left) – $30.62
  • Centric Caliper (Right) – $30.62
  • Stainless Brake Lines – $44 from FCP for fronts only
  • Caliper Brackets (8251319) – $23.50+$10 core from Tasca

Thoughts on the Brake Upgrade

  • The rotors look fantastic. They’re really clean and the black e-coating is smooth and seems durable. They ship in shrink wrap inside a box. In my first shipment, I got one that was NOT e-coated and looked to have been “handled.” Amazon’s service is tops and they rushed me out a new one and gave me a return label for the bad one.
  • The pads are nice with teflon backing and good tight springs on the inside pad.
  • The calipers were so cheap that I felt it made sense to replace them. The new calipers are beautiful and clean and well put together with new hardware (the wonky spring).
  • The stainless brake lines are fine – they do not have any rubber doughnut bumpers or anything so I ended up covering them with a piece of silicone hose I had leftover from my Stylin’ Motors kit.
  • The caliper brackets were perfect and are clear-coated.

302mm brake upgrade DIY on an 850

New 12 inch 302mm brakes on a ’96 850 R


Will your old rims fit over them? If not, then you will have to buy rims and tires.

Anyone familiar with the ring thats bolted behind the left rear brake spindle? the hub that the lug bolts are pressed into. I found that ring cracked in 2 peaces. It’s held onto the hub with 2 10mm bolts from the front side of the hub.But seems you have to remove the hub assembly.

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