Junk Yard — Always Get These Parts

Junk Yard Always Get These Parts -

When you’re at the pick-n-pull always harvest these parts. rspi‘s updated list » MAF if Bosch FPR if it is less than 10 years old Volvo axles Rear hatch lifts if they hold when less than 50 degrees F or almost hit you in the face when opening it. Rear wagon wings R front spoilers […]

MVS Member Meets Robert DIY

ashitaka695 meets a Volvo DIY hero in — fittingly — a Volvo pick n pull yard! So I was sent to the local U pull salvage yard today to pick up an axle shaft for a customer vehicle that I am working on. After I got the part I decided to have a quick look […]

Parting Out a P80: What to Save

We Ask The Hard Questions MVS Moderator abscate lists items he would save on a P80 going to the junkyard… Parting Out a P80. Fuel injectors Ignition coils ETM Remove manifold, then starter, alternator Abs module Wheel sensor (cut wires at rear) Every relay in the fuse box Radiator cap Overflow bottle Power steering fluid […]