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Parting Out a P80: What to Save

Parting Out a P80: parts

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MVS Moderator abscate lists items he would save on a P80 going to the junkyard… Parting Out a P80.

  • Fuel injectors
  • Ignition coils
  • ETM
  • Remove manifold, then starter, alternator
  • Abs module
  • Wheel sensor (cut wires at rear)
  • Every relay in the fuse box
  • Radiator cap
  • Overflow bottle
  • Power steering fluid reservoir
  • Purge valve
  • ETC
  • Thermostat and housing
  • Power window switch
  • PnP switch
  • Headlight switch

The discussion came about after jamesbeat posted a sad story concerning the intersection of the following:

  1. gall bladder
  2. timing belt
  3. Volvo V70
I was planning on changing my timing belt last month, bought the kit and and all the tools I needed.
I asked for help on the forum, read all the tutorials, and watched videos for hours until I was confident I could do it.Then, a couple of days before I was planning on changing it, my gallbladder exploded and put me on the hospital :(
The doctors told me that I had to wait a month before picking up anything over 15lbs or doing anything strenuous, so I marked the calendar for the second week in November.Well, wouldn’t you know it, I was driving to work on Monday and the belt snapped and took out the engine :(I’m junking the car either tomorrow or Sunday, and in addition to syphoning out the full tank of gas, I want to pull as much valuable stuff off it as possible.I’m not going to have long to do it, and I am still not allowed to exert myself too much.

What are some small and easy but valuable things I could take off the car?

I’m thinkg the MAF might be a good start, but other than that, I just don’t know what’s worth taking.

Parting Out a P80: What to Save

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