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Junk Yard — Always Get These Parts

When you’re at the pick-n-pull always harvest these junkyard parts. Make a list of what volvo parts you need. Next, take your time searching for car parts. Junkyard parts are often useable and can save you a lot of money. Before you buy any part, the three key things you should know is your volvo make, year and model number. The good thing is that some junkyards also offer a 3-6 month warranty and a short term guarantee. Always go online and know the price of the volvo part that you need so that you know what you are buying is not overpriced. Take images with your mobile phone if you are not sure about the part and show them to someone with more experience with Volvo parts. Sometimes finding the right part for your volvo may not be easy and you may have to visit several junkyards. The key is patience.

rspi‘s updated list »

  • MAF if Bosch
  • FPR if it is less than 10 years old
  • Volvo axles
  • Rear hatch lifts if they hold when less than 50 degrees F or almost hit you in the face when opening it.
  • Rear wagon wings
  • R front spoilers
  • iPd sway bars
  • Rear wagon cargo covers
  • Window to roof trim
  • Leather steering wheels
  • Large front brake brackets
  • Seats or the skins of they are not torn
  • 850 Fog lights
  • Aluminum control arms for 850’s
  • New fuel pumps if you don’t have a spare
  • New front corner lights
  • Clean x70 head light reflectors
  • P80 transmission coolers
  • New Volvo coolant bottles
  • Volvo jewels
  • 850 Dash pad if looks perfect

Junk Yard — Always Harvest These Parts

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