Spark Plug Replace — First Gen. XC90

XC90 Spark Plug Replace -

CN90: My “new” 2005 XC90 2.5T with 82K still has factory spark plugs as the P.O. never replaced them. Since I have had good success with NGK Iridium BKR6EIX in my 1998 BMW 528i, I decided to use these NGK Iridium BKR6EIX spark plugs in my XC90. Article Notes Who MVS Forums Contributor cn90 does what he does […]

Spark Plug Wars – What’s Best for Your Volvo

Spark Plug Talk - What's good for Volvos

In theatres now. Please bring weapons. The Problem brunocerous » Hi all, I’m a longtime Volvo admirer and relatively new owner of a used ’98 V70 base model. Recently, I had some CEL blinking while driving to get my inspection done, turned around and got my scanner out. I was hoping for some insight. After seeing […]

Plugs, Wires, Cap, & Rotor DIY

A Fine Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap & Rotor Change Tutorial for Pre-1999 Volvo 5-cyl Here’s perhaps the best-documented Spark Plug replacement tutorial yet, with bonus cap, rotor & wires coverage. Volvo Forum member and contributor polskamafia mjl takes us carefully through each of 20 or so steps to replace (and gap) spark plugs, cap & […]

V40 and S40 Spark Plugs

Spark Plug Talk - What's good for Volvos

How to change spark plugs on your Volvo V40 or S40. It’s very simple actually- and yes, it’s worth the savings. Make sure an buy genuine Volvo plugs or what’s recommended in your owner’s manual as well as gapping them to the correct spec. The how-to is below (tightening torque is 20.5 ft. lbs which […]

Spark Plug Change: A How To

Volvo’s 5 cylinder engines obviously take 5 spark plugs, and the debate rages as always as to whether Bosh Platinums are better than Champion or NGK. I think that matters less than if they are changed regularly, and gapped correctly. Your Volvo will thank you more for that than putting in one brand of spark […]