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S60 Preventive Maintenance Parts

MVS Forums member zoli_m13 found a good 2001 S60, and he had questions on what to do to keep it running well. This topic closely shadows Stage 0.

S60 Preventive Maintenance Parts

So, I found this S60 2.0T A/T at a VOLVO mechanics; this car (called ‘Ludwick’) has great service records and well maintained in the past, e.g. timing set, serpentine belt and pulley(s), suspension, properly changed engine and tranny oils; no rust found anywhere. Good shaped car & runs very well; the 5 cylinder with auto tranny sounds excellent at acceleration! Cruising is like a dream…

I will do a starting service:

– 6 L engine oil (Castrol Magnatec 5W40, fully synthetic ACEA A3/B3)
– oil filter (Hengst)
– air filter (Hengst)
– cabin filter (Kiak)
– oil sump bolt and o-ring
– fuel filter (Denckemann)
– spark plugs (Bosch 0242235749)

Post by abscate » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:02 pm
Szia, Zoll!

The PCV (engine ventilation system) on these cars needs attention at high miles (150,000 km or more) but on the later Volvos like yours it is warmed by the coolant and tends to be less of a problem.

I suggest a compression test as well as the ‘glove test’ which I will find links to and post here shortly!

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Post by draser » Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:20 pm
Welcome to the club to you and Ludwick. Being a 2001 I’d focus on the tranny by doing several drain and fills – in addition what was already suggested. Some members recommend a Magnefine, or other preferred brand, tranny in-line oil filter which sounds like a good idea. Another Volvo “feature” is the tendency of the radiator to crack and coolant gets in the tranny, so I’d keep an eye on that, but I don’t think that’s specific to your year – however that rad it’s got a few years on it. And then, there’s the age related stuff, like all rubber gets spongy with time so I’d do hoses, vac lines, etc. Sounds like you’re good on belts, I’d still remove the top sprokets cover and eyeball timing belt for cracks, oil, etc. And while in there line up the marks to see what it looks like. Nice house.

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Post by zoli_m13 » Fri Apr 10, 2015 9:04 pm
Thanks for the great advises!

This B5204T2 VOLVO engine (developed in 1991 for VOLVO 850) seems to me much bullet proof design comparing with my sludge prone B205E SAAB 9-5. Automatic transmission will be on my preventive maintenance plan now!

Glove test description has found – to be done as well!

What do you think about sump drop? Here semi-synthetic Castrol 10W40 applied by VOLVO dealer mechanics for years: looks like not optimal choice for a turbo-charged ‘beast’, however the original manual handbook doesn’t against of it. Anyway, I will switch to synthetic 5W40.

Have a great weekend for all of us!

2001 S60 Any preventive maintenance proposal?