1998 V70 GLT 19T Build

How To Make A Regular 1998 V70 Fast -

MVS Contributor and member since 2014 bmdubya1198 guides us through a wonderful build thread on an everyday 1998 V70 GLT with a factory 13G turbo. Check out what he did to it: bmdubya1198 » It’s time to see my first Volvo make some power! I’m not one to do “build threads”, but I figured for this car, […]

Upgrade 850 Turbo to 18t Turbocharger?

Can I get a 18t turbo with a speed tunning chip and maybe some bigger injectors and be ok? Sure. Don’t do the 18t until you get a tune and do some exhaust upgrades, though. The tune is the important part – too much boost too low in the rev range, and you get bent […]

OBX Exhausts Good? Opinons Found Here.

“I had the OBX DP on my S60R and it worked very well. It is still on the car after a year and a half and there are no issues with it at all.”— Volvo forum user FCPGroton “I bought an OBX header for my son’s ’96 N/A. The quality was outstanding but he has EGR and […]

Volvo ECU Chip/Tune Guide

This information has been gathered in my quest to increase the horsepower of my 1994 Volvo 850, S70, V70 turbo wagon. I am not affiliated, nor do I know any persons working at any of the companies mentioned, so there is no personal bias toward any particular company.