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Tips and Hints for XeMODeX ETM Installation

Let’s talk XeMODeX ETM Installation

Replacing your ETM? Some Tips from an ETM Manufacturer

It’s has been over a year since we have introduced the Non – Contacting ETM upgrade. The purpose of this post is to make all of you Do It Yourselfers aware of the potential issues and problems that others like you have come across during their own ETM installation. We hope you find this information helpful.

1. ETM Installed backwards – Yes, it is possible to install the unit with a label facing the engine.

Symptoms: Rough idle, engine will not rev up past 2500 RPM.

Corrective action: ETM must be installed with the label facing the radiator.

2. The old ETM gasket not removed and left stuck to the intake manifold.

Symptoms: Irregular idle, misfire on acceleration. Possible MAF and ETM related DTC stored.

Corrective action: Our units are shipped with a new gasket; ensure that the old gasket is removed.

3. Disturbance to the Turbo Pressure Sensor (One of the two or three sensors located on the intake pipe).

Tips and Hints for XeMODeX ETM Installation

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ÙProblem with electronic throttle module.
I check my number and it is 8844435—65CFM9 . Where can I find one, because I check on net and did not find, they only have the 8844347 and I was wondering if it would replace the defective one

Xemodex never sent my ETM out on time, they forgot about it for THREE MONTHS!! They tried blaming it on UPS but there dates never matched up so I knew they were lying, I got my refund and choose to not argue with such unprofessional people.

I’ve read several recommended install instructions, and unfortunately followed the one that says to take out the fan and leave in the intake manifold. In this method one must become a blind contortionist and have the patience of Job. Yesterday I took the ETM out (scrapping car due to transmission failure and horrible engine rebuild by Craigslist idiot). Taking the intake manifold off was FAR easier method. Period. The fuel rail comes off in less than a minute and with u-joint swivel socket, all bolts for intake were out in less than 5 minutes. I strongly suggest making detailed drawing of vacuum lines. I’ve told myself, “Oh I will remember where this goes…” a few times but a couple hours later…”Doh!”

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