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Troubleshoot Heat Soak ECM, BCM, CEM, & TCM

Need to Troubleshoot Heat Soak ?


Detailed thread from hankb on troubleshooting ECM DIM CAN bus as function of heat and humidity:

This is my second post on this forum regarding the same unsolved problem – you can find my first saga here on this site.

That post was a year ago – it describes intermittent trouble with the DIM failing, ABS lighting up, and the transmission jerking violently, ONLY in warm temperatures. The problem has resumed this year and once again I’m determined to find a resolution.

I purchased a VIDA DiCE system and have been collecting information and screenshots for a few days. My hope is that someone here will recognize the problem based on this information and offer me a lead.

I can tell you in advance that the DIM, TCM, CEM, and BCM are believed to be in working order. The CEM and BCM are from XemodeX and the TCM was replaced by the dealership. I haven’t replaced the ECM because it is very expensive and ECM functions seem to be fine in general.

I have developed my own suspicions based on the codes, but I am a novice, so I don’t want to mislead those who know better. If you would like any other information that I might provide PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask. I am literally desperate to get this car working correctly.

2004 S60 Troubleshoot heat soak ECM, BCM, CEM, & TCM

More about Volvo’s mysterious CAN bus.

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