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Vacuum Transmission Fluid for 2001-2007 Volvos

jh_on_the_cape ask: 

Hi, there was a sticky thread on this a while back but I can no longer find it using the search.

I have read here not to do a full power flush of the transmission fluid on my 2006 with 160k miles. I had the mechanic do a drain and fill a while back, but it cost me $$ and I will like to do the next one myself. I have a vacuum extractor for oil changes, the kind you pump by hand.

If I put that in the transmission fluid dipstick hole, about how much do I expect to get out? I want to ask in advance before purchasing fluid.

Also, there are lots of ideas on which fluid to use. If I were at a regular NAPA auto parts, which would be the best fluid to use to replace.

Then I just need a funnel with a long skinny neck, right?


 jimmy57 said:
“If you have no way to put car up on stands or on ramps then you could suck it out through dipstick. I have had these transmissions apart and the dipstick is a straight path to bottom of trans. If you use suction then the front of the car being even 2 inches lower than rear (rear tires run up on two 2×4 pieces) would let fluid run to the front where the dipstick is located for a more complete capture.

Get 4 quarts. IT will take 3 1/2 more or less. I would put 3 1/2 in and then run it and check it.

The funnel needs to be 1/2 OD on end or it will not go into the dipstick tube. I have a funnel with a 8 inch length of 1/2 OD clear vinyl tubing that I use for these. The tubing can be pushed down through a funnel and will seal.”

2006 V70 Transmission fluid drain and fill with vacuum extra