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Pioneer AppRadio 2 Install & Review

Installing the Pioneer AppRadio 2: The AR is a touch screen AM/FM radio with one cable that connects your iPod device and another cable that connects certain Android phones. That’s right, just a radio. Not even a CD player (ungh, how 1997!) The premise is that all of the functionality is in your connected device.

AppRadio 2 review

Certain Phones

Also note I said ‘certain phones’. You need to make sure your phone has been tested & certified by Pioneer. It requires an MHL or HDMI connection as well as a Bluetooth connection and a few apps installed. Since I don’t have an iPod, I’ll focus on my Evo 3d. I should note that my daughters do have an iPod plugged into the unit but I never use it.

Pioneer’s AppRadio 2

Installation is pretty easy as it’s a standard double-DIN headunit. From Matthews Amazon link above (of course!), I picked-up the radio, a wiring harness, antenna adapter and a double-DIN mount. A note about the mount; I wanted to keep the cubby but couldn’t find an aftermarket solution and didn’t see myself spending $85 bucks for the Volvo bracket. Upon pulling out the factory unit, it appears that the cubbie is really attached to the radio bracket and not the faceplate itself so all I have to do is cut a hole to match the cubby and I’m all set – how hard can that be?! I haven’t done it yet but I figure I’ll get around to it this summer.

Since I decided to keep the Volvo amp & speakers, I picked up an adapter cable that goes from the Volvo DIN plug to two pair of RCA plugs.

I also picked-up a rearview backup camera, but haven’t installed it yet. I need to figure out the best place to mount it and I’ve not spent the time on that task.

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