Wastegate Adjustment Pressure Values

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EngineProper wastegate pressure
B5204T12.5 kPa
B5204T2 12.5 kPa
B5204T3 15 kPa
B5204T3, from model year 199918 kPa
B5204T4 12.5 kPa
B5204T5 12.5 kPa
B5234T 12.5 kPa
B5234T2 30 kPa
B5234T3 30 kPa
B5234T4 12.5 kPa
B5234T4 R-line, from model year 1998 28 kPa
B5234T5 12.5 kPa
B5234T6 30 kPa
B5234T7 12.5 kPa
B5234T8 30 kPa
B5244T 12.5 kPa
B5244T2 30 kPa
B5244T3 12.5 kPa
B5244T7 12.5 kPa
B5254T 12.5 kPa
B5254T2 12.5 kPa

When taking readings the
manometer must always hang
vertically from its hook. This is to
ensure that the correct values are
obtained. Set the 3–way junction
connector handle in its middle

wastegate adjustment 2016.pdf
Stock Volvo 5-cyl wastegate settings

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