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Will RWD Volvos Be Worth a Lot In 25 Years?

Do Androids Dream of 240 Wagons?

Here’s how I see it: in 15 years, EVs will be half or more of cars on the road. In 25 years, they’ll be 90-95%. These are my estimates, and I don’t think they’re at all unreasonable.

The future: Facebook drones hover over your rooftop. You won’t remember the last time you heard a V8 doing a burnout somewhere in the neighborhood. Nobody meets in person any longer. Parking and speeding tickets are automatically deducted from your social credit account. Nobody under 40 has ever seen or ridden in a taxi.

You wake up one morning and the world kinda looks a lot like Blade Runner, now that you think about it. “When did this happen?” you think, as your Alexa robot makes your 8 AM coffee, and informs you that you’re requested to meet your dear mom in Virtual Reality Starbucks™ at 2 PM… the mom you haven’t seen in person for a decade.

Blade Runner 1982 -
Los Angeles, 2019

Given that, let’s look at these Volvos. The Volvo 740/760/780, 940/960, and 240 classes are all RWD, already a rarity for about 20 years now.

In 25 years, everybody will want them, both the young kids — because it’s the forbidden fruit they’re not allowed to buy new — and the old timers like me, for nostalgia reasons. Both halves will want them. Usually you don’t get that with collectibles, you only get the young or the old wanting something.

Turbo: add 20%
Manual: add 20%
Wagon: add 20%

There has already been a wave of 1980s nostalgia, a time when not everything (or anything?) we did was tracked. It was the age of Cassette Futurism — Sony Walkman, New Wave and Nagel.

Ev -

For that reason alone, things in the 1980s will always be held in high regard, and RWD cars will certainly be one of them. Already, 240 prices have been on the march upward. 700 and 900 series Volvos appear to be following that trend.

Do Androids Dream of 240 Wagons?

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