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XC90 Squealing Noise from Steering: Expensive

Hearing a Squealing Noise?

MVS Volvo Forum user Whofan70 said
I have a 2008 XC90 3.2 and recently I have noticed this almost ‘squealing’ noise when I turn the wheel and it’s not when I have the wheel turned completely left or right and that noise you get from turning to the max position. I can be when I am parked and back out and turn the wheel slightly from a straight forward position (centered steering wheel). It’s almost like that sound you get from turning the wheel all the way to left or right but not exactly. You can slightly feel it in the steering wheel as well when the noise is made.

Then user heidiparr answered
I had the same experience with my 2008 3.2l XC90. I took it in to the dealership and they returned it saying they couldn’t duplicate the noise I was hearing. That was quite awhile ago and the noise and sensation got progressively worse. Last week I had the entire steering column replaced for $1200 because the upper bearing went out. I have 61,000 miles and am no longer under warranty. When I took my car into the shop, they said it wasn’t safe to drive and the steering column was loose. I also found bearings and shavings on my floorboard the day I took it into the shop. Hope this helps!

$1200, Ouch, but thanks for sharing!

Noise from steering column while turning wheel

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Agreed with Hilgi. I have to top up the P.S fluid quite lately and discovered that the high pressure hose’s seal to the steering gear is leaking. P/N: 30645997 c/w 2 seals…

First check the oil level in the oil reservoir of the hydraulic steering system. In case, that the level is too low, the pump will first make noise and than get damaged.
If the Oil level is low, you’ve to check, where the oil is gone, possible are leakages in the conectors of the different hoses, but also the steering can get leak an the oil will left into the bellows, in this case a steering replacement will be necessary.

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