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1998 Volvo V70 AWD Fuel Filter Change

1998 Volvo V70

1998 Volvo V70 AWD Fuel Filter Change

MVS Forums contributor rmmagow, a veteran of writing excellent DIY Volvo tutorials, throws down how to do a fuel filter change on a 98 V70 AWD.

Just did this over the weekend and wanted to write it up. I’m a bit of a luddite and don’t own a camera and have no clue how to get pictures off my phone, so words only. This is a 2 wrench level of difficulty.

1. Open hatch back and remove all your junk.
2. Open spare tire cover, remove spare tire and associated crap.
3. Remove spare tire cover. It has “flats” at the ends. When you open it, you will see how these flats line up so you can easily remove the cover.
4. Open the other cover. Note, these instructions are different if you have a third seat. I don’t so…
5. Flip the second row seats down. Optional, but give you a little breathing space.
6. Look on both sides next to this second cover. You will see 2 10MM bolts on either side. Remove these.

33. You are finished. Make a promise to yourself to buy a GLT next time around.


1998 Volvo V70 AWD Fuel Filter Change

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