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Simple Volvo Tweeter Modification

Check out this Volvo Tweeter Modification

tweeterThe modification I performed on the stock dash tweeters would apply for the other speakers in the Volvo that have a tweeter with a (electrolytic) capacitor as a high-pass filter. This is also very commonly found on coaxial speakers (such as my old Infinity 5012i set), and this modification would also apply to those as well.

This modification results in better treble response as well as improved clarity from the tweeters. The method of performing this modification is removing the dash tweeter, cutting out the old capacitor and replacing it with a film-based capacitor which is by far a lot better (more linear) than the Bi-Polar capacitor that was used on the tweeter.

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Bonus! Volvo Facts

  • Volvo revolutionised safety in cars when engineer Nils Bohlin created the three-point seat belt in 1959. Bohlin’s innovative Y-shaped design protects the chest, pelvis and shoulders upon impact. We waived the patent for the pioneering design so that other car manufacturers could use it too. Volvo’s commitment to safety has saved an estimated one million lives

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