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XC90 Frozen throttle valve? 2004 VOLVO

XC90 frozen throttle valve is a common problem on the 2004 model
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Experiencing an XC90 frozen throttle valve?

XC90 frozen throttle valve, Cold, and Reduced Engine Performance

We live in Minnesota (pronounced C-O-L-D). On some very cold days, a “reduced engine performance” warning comes on, followed by the Check Engine light and then the car just dies. Our local dealer said something about moisture getting in and a valve freezing. First, they drilled holes in a pipe (air intake?). Then, they replaced it with a new part. Neither attempted fix worked.

How can we rid ourselves of this problem?

’04 XC90 – Frozen throttle valve?

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More on the 2004 Volvo XC90:

Volvo has made this full-size luxury crossover since 2002, and it is now in its second generation. It was introduced at the North American Auto Show and was based on the Volvo P2 platform. That platform was also used for the S80 and other larger cars from Volvo.

Production of the car in Sweden ended in 2014, and moved to China. This was when the second-generation XC90 was introduced. Both generations have won Motor Trend’s SUV of the Year.

Current models seat six or seven people, get up to 30 mpg, offer as much as 316 horsepower, and the option of front-wheel drive (FWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD). Starting MSRP is just over $48,000. Volvo touts it as an SUV with first-class comfort and world-class safety.

Motor Trend tested the 2004 planned a long-term test, and the first XC90 bound for them was lost with hundreds of other Volvos, BMWs, and Saabs when a ferry sank on the way to the U.S.

After waiting to get a replacement, nine months later their vehicle arrived in Los Angeles, although it was a base model and one model year newer, rather than the one originally expected with a higher trim level and additional options.

The MT staff gave the experience of using the XC90 overall good marks.


I have had the same issue. Kline Volvo suggested I upgrade to the new air intake, which I decided to do. I haven’t had any issues with my vehicle since – even on the coldest days. Did the upgrade cost me money, yes, but I waited for one of Kline’s service discount coupons to come in the mail, which saved some of the expense. I have had really pleasant experiences at this dealership. Scott in service is someone who you can trust with your Volvo. He is straight-forward and helps us prepare for future maintenance intervals.

I live in MN and have had the same issue. It cost big bucks to have Kline volvo to tell me it was my fault, as usual, and a maintenance issue. It sounds more like a design issue when Kline Volvo wanted me to buy a newly designed air intake and replace for winter driving. I guess I learned my lesson and will ask if the car is designed to drive in cold weather before I purchase.

Jim in MN says:

I live in MN too with a 04 xc90. Same thing happened to me twice. Once in a snow storm the other dry out but wicked cold. I just sat for a while and it unfroze and was on my way both times. Burton Volvo didn’t have a fix-wanted big bucks to tell me nothing. Recently not happy with them-they had some bad diagnosises and charge double compared to a good indi garage.

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