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How to make your Volvo ready for cold(er) temperatures, snow, ice, etc.

sunroof fix

Sunroof Seal Repair

To repair this I first scraped/filed off as much loose rust as I could and pried the frame as far away from the glass as I could without breaking anything using wooden wedges and continued to clean as much rust out as possible. I then applied a rust converter to the remaining material.

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Replace Coolant & Radiator Hoses 1998 S70 GLT

MVS Volvo Forums member extraordinaire CN90 writes a beautiful DIY for how to replace a 1998’s coolant hoses and radiator hoses.

This is strictly preventive maintenance:

– The Turbo Coolant Hose was bulging and about explode any time.
– The Lower Rad Hose is leaking at the radiator side.
– Since I am replacing the Turbo Coolant Hose, I may as well replace both Rad Hoses.


– Lower Rad Hose PN 9470409 for Turbo (NA different PN); about $35 at dealer.
– Upper Rad Hose PN 1335433, about $15 at dealer.
– Turbo Coolant Inlet Hose PN 6842190, about $8 at dealer.

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Which Battery to Buy?

A week ago we had a well-attended (virtually speaking) discussion regarding battery brands. I lump this subject into the “Everybody has an opinion” group because — unless one of us is a car fleet manager — the frequency at which we buy batteries is too low to harvest meaningful statistics. For instance, in the time I’ve owned my battery, the manufacturer, or manufacturing process, could have changed many times, making meaningful conclusions impossible to produce.